Help us make Brighton’s young people ‘future-proof’ with #BrightFutures


“Schools need to prepare young people for a digital revolution and a fast-changing jobs market”

Damian Hinds, UK Education Secretary, 2018


#BrightFutures is 12 months of events, articles and positive action to get our cities businesses, schools, and young people ready for the next 20 years of change.

What will the World be like by 2040?

Will your job be taken by a robot? What skills should young people learn today to get the jobs of tomorrow? Join the conversation at #BrightFutures

Brighton can lead the way

We’re a city full of innovators, creators and makers, let’s show the World what incredible education could look like.

As part of #BrightFutures, we’re raising £200,000 to put an invention club into every Brighton Primary school, transforming the way young people access future skills


Funded of £200,000


Days to go

What’s an invention club?

Invention and design clubs like MakerClub, allow young people to develop the skills they need to improve the world around them. This may mean fighting global challenges like climate change; developing AI-powered cardboard robots, or creating interactive 3D printed art pieces. The key is that they spend time developing life-long learning skills, a team based mentality, and a growth mindset. 

Why Us?

MakerClub has been teaching young people to think like inventors since 2014. We’ve worked with over 3500 young people from all kinds of backgrounds to help transform how they use and understand technology. 

We have spent over 4 years as educators and technologists creating a platform of hardware and digital learning tools that make teaching and understanding concepts like 3D design, electronics, coding, and design thinking, fun and accessible to any type of facilitator. Why not take a peek at our curriculum?

Why Now? 

By 2030, it’s estimated that up to 60% of the worlds jobs will be in industries or sectors that don’t even exist yet. By giving young people the tools to create with technology rather than just consume it, we are making them more resilient for a rapidly changing world.

How you can help

  • Share our story: The more people who hear about us, the more we can make a difference

  • Introduce us: Can your company, school, library, gym help us?! We’ve set ourselves a high target, and are going to need all the help we can get.
  • Help us raise: Download our fundraising pack, if you’d like to see a MakerClub in your school!
  • Donate: Whether you’re a socially minded multinational or a local parent who cares, you’re a hero to us! Whatever you can donate, we will devote to teaching the next generation the skills they need

Join the Conversation at #BrightFutures

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