The World is Changing Fast

Over the last ten years emerging technologies have been growing at an exponential rate. Over the next ten years they will completely transform whole industries.

Most Disruptive

Learn Essential Skills


Intelligent robots, Driverless Cars, complex problem solving

Big Data

Petabytes of data can now be analysed in seconds on the cloud


Record levels of investment being made in the core infrastructure

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions can now be made from analysing large datasets

3D Printing

The democratisation of manufacture is changing whole industries


Real-world computing will connect trillions of devices at low cost


Advanced CAD-only prototyping, gaming and training applications


Unprecedented control over data security, and transactions

There Will be Winners and Losers

The disruption from these technologies will lead to jobs being automated and slow moving organisations will lose business to those who modernise quickly.

Talk the Talk

Understanding the opportunity is crucial

Even if you are not explicitly using all of these technologies, there is a strong chance your clients, suppliers and partners are. It is important to be aware of them, so as to spot the opportunities early and capitalise on them.

Robotics Workshop

Start the Conversation Positively

Our robotics workshop allows participants to build 3D printed robots and program them. This opens up the conversation about how best to bring automation and emerging technologies into your business or service line. Instead of “robots are taking our jobs”, the conversation should be “how do we profit from robots, giving our expertise”.

Robotics Workshop Details

Participants are split into teams of 6-8. Before the workshop, we send one of our robotic arm kits to a designated “Tech Champion” in the team who puts it together and familiarises themselves with our programming dashboard.

On the day itself, we start by introducing emerging technologies, framing IoT as one example of the speed with which technology is advancing. We explain that children aged 8-13 are already learning how to program robots at MakerClub, and the brightest among them will be looking for jobs or to start their own companies in as little as 5 years from now.

Participants are then set the challenge of taking the robot apart and reprogramming it to move across the table as quickly as possible, with the craft materials in front of them. The workshop often lasts between 1.5-3 hours and the best team wins a drone to take home.

“The robotic arm workshop is the perfect way to introduce a culture of embracing technology with our new graduates and managers.”

Emma Guignard,
Head of Learning and Development – EY Australia

Themes Covered

  • Moving fast is a necessity, not a luxury
    The pace of change of technology is accelerating. Practices that were cutting-edge 5 years ago, are common-place now and those who don’t innovate will find themselves left behind, with the largest companies having the most to lose.

  • The opportunities are vast
    The pace of change of technology is accelerating. Practices that were cutting-edge 5 years ago, are common-place now and those who don’t innovate will find themselves left behind, with the largest companies having the most to lose.

  • Be part of the solution
    Everyone in the room will be able to say that they have programmed a robotic arm in under an hour. Something many of them would have thought beyond their skillset. Participants should leave the room with the knowledge that not only is the power of these technologies improving, but also the ease with which they can be harnessed.

Drone Hacking Workshop

Augmenting Existing Solutions With Tech

With our drone hacking workshop, we dig under the hood of a remote control drone, breaking it apart to re-purpose it showing that new technology can improve existing systems and introduce a startup mentality to bigger business processes.

Drone Workshop Details

Participants are split into teams of 6-8 where they are presented with a drone and MakerClub electronics. Before setting the challenge, we discuss the role emerging technologies are having in disrupting industries in every sector, and how new technology can be applied to existing solutions.

We then take the drone and the controller apart to reverse engineer how it works, before re-soldering our technology to the controller. From there, we can control the drone, and a challenge is set to see if teams can have the drone take off and land as close as possible to a given target.

“This is an excellent way to open up discussion about how we are currently doing things, as well as what we should be doing. The workshop itself was fun and the discussion after, lively.”

Paul Drewitt,
Head of Innovation, AMEX

Themes Covered

  • Everything can be improved
    Just because something has been designed a certain way, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a different context or re-purposed to do something else. We encourage participants to go back to their existing systems and think about how they can be improved/hacked.

  • New technology offers new possibilities
    While this is a simple example of adding technology onto an existing solution. There are many examples of adding sensor technology or data analytics tracking onto existing solutions to give more visibility and allow for better business decisions.

  • You can be part of the revolution
    All participants will have hacked and programmed a quadcopter in under two hours by the end of this workshop, something that would be daunting to most non-technical people. This exercise is designed to build confidence in working with new technologies, reinforcing that it should be the whole business that embraces them, not just the IT department.

Need Help Deciding?

These are just two examples of workshops we can run. If you would like any more details, or are looking for something bespoke, we would be happy to work with you to get it right.

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