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Most Disruptive

Learn Essential Skills


Intelligent robots, Driverless Cars, complex problem solving

Big Data

Petabytes of data can now be analysed in seconds on the cloud


Record levels of investment being made in the core infrastructure

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions can now be made from analysing large datasets

3D Printing

The democratisation of manufacture is changing whole industries


Real-world computing will connect trillions of devices at low cost


Advanced CAD-only prototyping, gaming and training applications


Unprecedented control over data security, and transactions

Changing World

Learn Essential Future Skills

Research shows that by 2030 there will be high demand for people with programming, CAD, creative thinking and collaborative problem solving skills.

As computers continue to automate more repetitive jobs, more creative opportunities are opening up.

The MakerClub Approach

Track your child’s progress

Completing projects earns badges which are mapped to the national curriculum. As a parent, you can see exactly how they’re getting on and understand what they’re learning.

Limitless Creativity

Our invention kits are packed with electronics, motors and sensors which can be combined to build almost anything a child can imagine.

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